Starts with good food to great places.
Merlyn studios is a documented passion for food fun and freedom. Here they obsessively believe to
find the life’s spirit in adventure, unknown journeys, never-ending conversations, meeting strangers
and making friends. The joyful love of Merlyn studios doesn’t end here it also knows the finest tastes
of great cuisines in the city. Blogs are the masterpieces of some marvellous experiences and
wonderfully lived moments. Vlogs are the work of fun leisure and pleasure which most people forget
to have and retain. Merlyn meets heroic personalities to have long talks only and only for you to
watch on The Merlyn Talk Show to learn about their experiences which will add value to our life. Our
gallery is the witness that holds the ultimate delight of life in every picture you swipe. Lastly, you
doing a great job right there our motto is to make you run behind love, fun and memories.

About the Creator

Meet Mr Mohammad. Asadullah Maqdoom (AKA Merlyn) whose tremendous work might really
excite you. He is a young untiring creator who is aspiring to become an exemplary entrepreneur one
day. He has an energetic experience of a diverse work culture both in India and Germany. He was
trained by world-class organizations like BMW, WIELANDER+SCHILL, BEISSBARTH adding prestige to
his learnings. First, he graduated as Mechatronics engineer in early 2019. His graduation time at
Lovely Professional University was a life-changer for him. He acquired incredible business
knowledge, met prosperous people whose success stories helped him to become a dynamic persona
today. In 2018 he joined Indo-Euro Synchronization as a country manager. There he explored the
magnificent industrial robotics. Not only this but he also tirelessly multi-tasked as a social media
manager and handled the marketing and promotion programs on a wide scale. The zeal of wanting
to learn different things led him to Peak – a student organization at Lovely Professional University.
Here he worked his socks off as a co-convener. Starting from organizing events to hiring teammates
he put a marvellous effort. In 2016 he interned at APS GMBH-MECHATRONICS LABORATORY in
GERMANY where he enhanced the skillset of operating the industrial robots. Altogether he has a
splendid vision of becoming someone who is not just rich by the mind but by heart. Now driven by
the vivid passion he is more focused to solely serve his own creation Merlyn studios. Merlyn is a
name which symbolises a legend from history. On the whole, he is a dedicated keen slave of his own
who is on a life mission to make a legendary kind of history.

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