Does prespective change?

Does prespective change?


The attitude, projection of something or someone in our head.

Does the perspective change? Yes! It does change! 

A persons/individuals state of mind, way of thinking, understanding about something or some is directly proportional to the current situation of the individual.

To quote the above-said lines in a pictorial way, Imagine the perspective, attitude, perception of an individual as liquid and the constantly changing situations as vessels in different shapes and sizes, The liquid takes the shape of the vessel according to the shape and size of the vessel, in the same way, the perception or perspective changes according to the situations in life.

To put this in very simple terms, Imagine a man’s personal point of view towards life is being average is great because of the people around him are average. He has not been with the people who are above average in terms of lifestyle/wealth, As his current situation is average his attitude towards life is average. One day he meets someone who thinks above average and wants to achieve more in his life, slowly our character becomes friend with him and he gets influenced over the time and now his perspective towards life has changed because now in the current situation he knows the potential of being above average.

This can also go vice versa. you have be the judge and decide what’s best for you.