How to make the best Subway sandwich

How to make the best Subway sandwich

How to make The Best Subway Sub.

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In this post, I will be going against all those people who think the subway is only for the people who are health-conscious and literally think the subway is all ghass-phoos. My way of making the best subway sandwich is completely different, I believe it’s one of the best fast-food chains in the world where we can customise sub sandwich according to our taste.

Important Ingredients to make best subway sandwich

  1. Selection of best bread such as parmesan oregano or Roasted garlic bread
  2. Add extra meat preferable different flavours.
  3. Say no to more vegetables just add selected vegetables like olives, jalapenos, pickle, and tomatoes Etc.

Important things to be remembered

  1. Do not toast the bread initially just with cheese, Remember to toast it with some added veggies and meat as shown in the vlog as it adds more crispiness
  2. Add sauce according to your taste, Do not add sweet sauces which will make your sub taste funny.
  3. Add lettuce at the end on the sauce soo that the sauce doesn’t come off from the subway sub.

For more detailed steps you have to watch the complete vlog.