Lovely Professional University – Best places to Eat

Top 5 places to eat at Lovely Professional University.

Lovely Professional University – Best places to Eat

Hey! What’s good everybody! This vlog is my personal favourite be because this was the first video I shot for youtube and being in Lovely Professional University I thought I should vlog my favourite food places/restaurants in the Lovely Professional University campus!

Watch the full video which is filled with great fun and laughter. LPU is a place where you will get all sorts of cuisines but fortunately or unfortunately you can only get vegetarian food inside the campus.

I’ll not waste any more time and I will tell you the best places to eat at Lovely professional university. If you are fresher or someone who is looking for admission in LPU then when you are on the campus and try these dishes..


Best Places to Eat at LPU

  1. Baby Corn Cheese mushroom rice and Tandoori Momos – Golden Wok, Uni mall, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara, Punjab.
  2. Pot Biryani and White Baked Pasta – Oven Express, LPU campus, Punjab.
  3. Tawa Chaap masala and Rumali Roti – SCF Chaps, Near campus cafe, Lovely professional university.
  4. Best Indian thali – Kitchen Ette, Beside boys Apartment, LPU
  5. Vada pav – Goli Wada pav, the backside of Uni hotel, Lovely Professional University campus.


If you have tried any of the above-mentioned places on the campus and if you liked it come back on the blog and please leave your comments!