On Air With Merlyn – India’s most candid podcast

On Air With Merlyn – India’s most candid podcast


The Podcast is like digital audio motivation and solution for every question/confusion in your music player! We at Merlyn studios believe that podcasts are the next big thing in this digital age. The west already knows the potential of podcasts and even in India consumers are increasing rapidly.

Statistics show that more than 500 million internet users from India listen to podcasts. 

On Air With Merlyn.

Let us hear it from Merlyn 

I’m here to stay! I believe in grabbing the opportunity whenever life throws you one! Being an internet user and having that never-ending urge to learn and grow I use to listen and watch many motivational, aspiring personality across the world to learn from their experiences.

As I said I’m here to stay and my goal is to make Merlyn a brand. As soon as I realised the potential of the podcast industry On Air With Merlyn was created. 

On Air With Merlyn is and will be the most candid/honest podcast out there where a bunch of millennials gather and talk about real-life experiences. The aim is to make OAWM the best podcast in India.

In future, you will listen to inspiring personalities, celebrities, the businessman on On Air With Merlyn.

Podcast verticals – Anchor, Spotify, Breaker, Google Podcast, Pocket Cast, radio Public.