What 2020 taught me.

What 2020 taught me.

Accepting the effects of Pandemic…

 The year 2020 was supposed to be the best year for the personal growth of many people, the financial growth of many organizations, the start of the new and challenging business but unfortunately the rise of the corona – COVID 19 happened and suddenly the world stopped. The world that never stops for anyone or anything it took a break, many countries especially developing countries like India took the major economic hit.

When we will recover from this pandemic 2020?

We, humans, are known for evolution/ growth and I believe growth can only happen when you accept the situation and outgrow it. I know many individuals have gone through and are going through financial/mental crisis but a friend of mine said that you will get what’s written in your destiny provided that only if you work for it. If you do not work for what is destined for you, your destiny will keep on changing! Let that sink in.

This is the ear of digital media/remote work and we have to accept it no matter how stubborn you are. we have to tweak our thought process according to the current situation and work towards the betterment of our lives by being safe.


The day mankind invents the vaccine for COVID 19 the world will resume as nothing ever happened but till then we have to come out of the umbrella and adjust according to the pandemic guidelines.


And If you are someone who thinks this 2020 recession will affect your job and if you are someone who already lost your job to this recession then do not stop hustling, like I said you will get what’s written in your destiny if you work for it. If you are trying to get a job in this pandemic then train your mind getting rejected in 10 or more interviews, If you lose hope after 1 or two interviews and tell yourself this pandemic bought no good for you then you are doing it all wrong and you aren’t giving in your 100%. If you have the right skills and you aren’t putting efforts you’ll end up being unemployed, If you are putting efforts and lack skills then also you will end up being unemployed.  Get your skills right and put efforts into cracking the interviews. Period.